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A comprehensive introduction to the knowledge of the filter plate of the press filter

The filter plate is an important accessory in the filter press. We can directly observe with our eyes a whole filter plate placed across the crossbeam of the filter press. The function of the filter plate is to attach the filter cloth to increase the filter area of the filter press and to produce solids when storing the filter, thus forming the filter cake. _ We talk about the relevant knowledge of the filter plate from all aspects, let's have a clear understanding of the filter plate. 

First of all, let's introduce the external shape of the filter plate. The shape of the filter plate is sunken in the middle, and there will be numerous blind spots on the bottom. So why is it designed in a sunken shape? The purpose is that the solid intercepted by the filter cloth can have a storage space in the filtration process of the filter press. Then the design of the blind spot also has its own secret, which is to increase the friction between the filter plate and the filter cake when storing solids, to effectively support the filter cake, and another purpose is to let the water out of the dialysis have a common circulation route. it is conducive to the rapid flow of water out of the equipment and increase the efficiency of the equipment. Among them, the large filter plate will also appear several protrusions with the same thickness as the filter plate, so that the pressure can be well transmitted to each other, but also to prevent the space gap of the filter plate, which can not be broken and damaged by strong pressure. 

Third, let's take a look at the material of the filter plate. Filter plate is divided into cast iron and polypropylene material, we mainly use polypropylene material filter plate, good polypropylene is resistant to oxidation and high temperature. We buy again is to pay attention to the material of polypropylene, the shape is the same, but some polypropylene material is the use of _ material, so _ will affect the quality of the filter plate. 

After that, we introduce how the filter plate helps the filter press to achieve solid-liquid separation and the passage of water in the filter plate. When the filter liquid is sent into the filter chamber by the feed pump, through the upper or middle shunt pipe, the filter liquid is sent into each filter cavity formed by the extrusion of two filter plates, of course, there is a filter cloth between the filter chambers, and the water in the filter solution permeates out of the filter cloth and gathers on the lower edge of the filter plate, and several holes are designed at the lower edge of the filter plate, which are designed to be connected. Then the water is discharged out of the equipment through the connected pipeline, thus the solid-liquid separation is realized. 

The introduction of the knowledge of the filter plate is comprehensive, and we can master the relevant knowledge of the filter plate, so that we can make good use of the filter press.http://www.hartseals.com