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What are the precautions for users when repairing seals?

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Update time : 2019-03-04 09:43:54
    When purchasing repair rubber seals, most users will purchase the sample according to the size and color of the sample, which will only increase the difficulty of purchasing, and may not select the right product. The following procedures are recommended to improve the accuracy of purchasing seals:
1. Direction of motion – First determine the direction of motion of the seal, such as reciprocating, rotating, spiraling or fixed.
2, the sealing focus – for example, the determination of the activity point is the inner diameter of the rod seal or the active point is the outer diameter of the piston seal, etc. Seal.
3. Temperature grade – Check the working condition of the original machine or evaluate the working temperature according to the actual working environment to determine the required materials. For the description of the temperature class, please refer to the following production user precautions.
4, pressure level – check the relevant data from the original machine use instructions, or infer the working pressure level by observing the softness and structure of the original seal, the description of the pressure level can refer to the following production user notes.
5, size – most users will be used according to the old samples used, but after a period of use, the seal will be greatly affected by temperature, pressure and wear and other factors, the original selection can only be used as a reference A better method is to measure the size of the metal slot at the location of the seal and the accuracy will be higher.