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Hydraulic system requirements for seals

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Update time : 2019-02-20 10:18:06

Defining the characteristics of the seal

The main seal is subjected to high pressure and should have the following characteristics: (1) High pressure resistance, the material of the seal should have high mechanical strength. (2) Low friction and wear, the material of the seal should have a low friction coefficient and high wear resistance, and the design of the seal ensures that it works under better lubrication conditions. (3) The oil returning ability is strong, and the oil film brought out can be brought back to the inside of the system during the return stroke to achieve dynamic balance and prevent the formation of back pressure. (4) Pressure relief function, that is, the seal has the function of a one-way valve. When the system pressure is low or drops to zero, the back pressure that has been formed can be immediately lowered to prevent the occurrence of trapped oil.

As the second seal, the secondary seal is subjected to low pressure or no pressure. The main function is to block the oil film passing through the main seal to achieve zero leakage. The secondary seal should have the following characteristics: (1) Low pressure sealing performance is good. (2) Friction and wear are small at low pressure. (3) It can withstand the high pressure of the system for a short time, that is, it can work reliably even when the back pressure is formed under severe working conditions.